M Beef tartare

fresh cucumbers, egg yolk gel, wasabi cream, sherry vinegar sauce, crisps.


Shrimp ceviche

tomato mango salsa, avocado cream, caramelized pineapple.


M Oven baked aubergine with whipped goat cheese

toasted crushed hazelnuts, fresh lettuce, pumpkin seed oil.



lightly marinated tomatoes, herb sauce, fresh basil.


Green salad with grilled marinated seasonal

hemp seed oil, toasted crushed almonds.



M Charred poultry stock

well-cooked duck breast, egg cooked at 64°C, seaweed


Avocado kefir cold soup

matured Soiras cow 's milk cheese, roasted pine nuts, sweatsalted pickles, truffle oil.



Slow cooked lamb chop

tomato, aubergine and celery stalk stew, beef bone stock glaze.


Cooked duck breast

vegetable ratatouille, red wine cherry sauce


M Catch of the day

mashed sweet potato, quinoa cooked in butter, honey caramelized carrots, Holland sauce.


M Butter roasted new potatoes with chanterelles

salad cabbage, grated hard cheese, burnt butter sauce.


SIDES €4.50

Oven baked potatoes

Caramelized herbs

Vegetable ratatouille

Green salad

fresh vegetables and olive oil, pumpkin seed oil or hemp oil.

M – dish with the main ingredient produced by Latvian farmers

Dishes may contain allergens, please inform the waiter about the unwanted products

A discretionary 10% will be added to parties of eight persons or more.

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